Hotel Management

Siara Hotels & Resorts is a leading hotel and resort management company in India, which specializes in mid market and mid scale hotels & Resorts. We commenced our operation in 2019 and in the span of 28 months we have expanded to 6 hotels across the country. Siara Hotels & Resorts uses proven, effective and affordable systems to work towards the growth of hotel and resort properties.

We assemble the right hospitality professionals for every position at every property, and then provide the support and expertise required to ensure positive results for property developers and owners.

We Are Eager To Do Hotel Turn-arounds And Then Manage !

Siara Hotels & Resorts helps you turn around your Hotel into something you have never imagined. We help you renovate the property as per the industry standard and the demand of the guests. We at Siara Hotels re-discover the hidden revenue opportunities and the markets which ultimately boosts hotels revenue and helps in standardizing hotels operation process. We have a dedicated team that looks up for the potential that we would unlock for you.

What we bring in, in our HOTEL MANAGEMENT & FRANCHISE service?

We Re-ignite the underperforming hotels in challenged markets

  1. We manage all the services on your behalf with our expertise to make it reach star level.
  2. We restore the charm and quality of your services to the next level.
  3. We generate good branding and profits with our Management.
  4. We streamline everything that brings you towards success

We offer below mentioned services in Bundle along with Hotel Management:

  1. Concept Development
  2. Pre-opening & Planning
  3. Operation Management
  4. Sales & marketing
  5. MIS
Concept Development:

We help you and support you with your hotel project from the point 0. We excel in development of new hotel concepts, and bring in the novel ideas, including brand development and positioning. If you wish be the best hotel in your city, we are all need.

Pre-opening & Planning

Hotel Business Development & Pre-Opening Services. Are you working on an innovative hotel concept, but need help to roll it out? Siara Hotels & Resorts specializes in the opening of hotels, developing and fine-tuning new concepts. If you want your hotel project to be a smashing success, we take care of it. We are firm believers of the power of an independent hotel with a unique product and amazing guest experience. With clients being influenced by online reviews and feedbacks, a hotel with an unique customer experience can be leveraged to gain a wide reach and exposure.

Keeping up with the latest developments and innovative solutions in hotel industry and online travel marketing can be challenging, with the global scenario changing so quickly. Our hospitality strategy specialists are here to make turn your hotel project into a great success. Our Focus is creating unique selling points of your property, our industry experts will develop a customised and creative strategic hotel opening plan. Our proven and creative methodology of positioning new hotels and innovating concepts has brought our clients solid results with a very positive return on their real estate investment. With our best practices and hands on approach we will turn your property to become a market leader and uncover its hidden revenue potential, driving both top line revenue and bottom line profit.

Over the last 2 years we have built up a proven track record with opening and positioning hotels. In preparation of the opening of your new hotel we develop and implement a hotel business action plan. With our services we will position your property to become a leader in its local.

Sales & Marketing:

Our Sales & Marketing Partners mainly focuses on:

  1. National Presence
  2. Strong Online and Offline Reach

Through our network of sales representatives across India we can assist you in driving more business to your hotel. Whether you need to attract corporate travel, be included in the multi-nationals preferred hotel programs or be included in the principal tour operator brochures, Siara Hotels support your hotel with sales representation.
Other related services that we offer to our clients are:
Hotel GDS Hotel Internet Marketing Online Distribution Revenue Management

Drive Direct Sales With A Targeted Marketing Plan

Internet marketing is the core of any hotel marketing strategy to distribute your hotel online. It is a highly specialised task for which you need to attract qualified experts to bring you the best results and ROI out of your hotel website.

Siara is partnered with India’s one of the best revenue management company which is an innovative hotel marketing & sales representation company, a cutting edge consulting firm specialised in digital promotion for the hotel and hospitality industry.


Siara Hotels can be a game changer Tie—up for your individual hotel unit. In last decade, Hotel industry has had a complete paradigm shift of focus from cost control & optimising bottom line profit, - to - driving top line income through proper management of revenue & Finances. Our proven methods and standardized practices, make sure that the overall financial results of hotel assets, are in the favours. We also take care of optimising the return on investment of your real estate investment. Siara Hotels has experts in the field of Finances who are par excellence when it comes to MIS. We have a systematic pattern of MIS which allows transparent flow of all the financial details and reports being presented to Investors / Owners.

With developing the USP’s for your hotel we create a niche market for the unit and thus we push the revenue generation to the maximum potential keeping in mind the top line and the bottom line. Our Primary target in terms of finance is to increase your ROI. We achieve our targets by developing a unique business development DNA and creative approach, we will increase both top line revenue income as well as bottom line profit. We will push all performance levels of your hotel; REV-PAR, GOP-PAR, NOI, NOP, EBITDA.


Our unique Business model aims at providing a good a unique Hotel facilities and services to his guests at a priceless value.

Siara Hotels aims to be the most sought after hotel brand for business traveler for mid-market segment. Mid-sized hotels (Ranging from 50 keys to 100 keys), no frills attached, limited facility hotels with great service delivery for its guests.

Neat and Clean Rooms; best in Silchar

Need little improvement in the quality of food, otherwise excellent rooms, service and staff behaviour. Good view from the rooms, beautiful lawn, large parking space. Still under renovation and hopefully will improve all the shortcomings once it is complete.

Dr. Nishanta
Trip type: Travelled on business


The best and well renowned hotel in Silchar. The quality of rooms, facility, and staff behaviour is so nice that you will Love it.we stayed here around 28 nights. Feel stay same like in my home. Thanks to management hotel cachar club. Please provide rooms for us in next quarantine. Thanks to Mr. Pritam, Samal, and specially thanks to Mr. Jha. Now I can tell this is the best hotel in Silchar.


Very good hotel for stay

Very good accommodation with good service. Rooms are very nice with good ventilation. Crew are very friendly and very responsive even in the pandemic situation. Very gud place to stay for quick trips.

Ravigowd morla
Trip type: Travelled on business